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Your #1 Source for the Latest Trends in Recreational Boating!

Boat Show TV is your #1 television and online source for all the latest in recreational boats available on the market today!

Boat Show TV is aimed at increasing national awareness of the latest recreational marine products while conveying to viewers the fun, excitement and quality of life that can be enjoyed by pursuing a boating lifestyle in any form regardless of perceived social or economic boundaries. The emphasis is on family fun, adventure, outdoor enjoyment and the social benefits of owning any type of boat with a strong focus on the Florida boating lifestyle. It is owned and produced by Stu Jones, President and Founder of Florida Powerboat Club – the nation’s leading powerboating association – which has produced Powerboating in Paradise TV since 1996 – the longest running and most-watched recreational powerboating event show in the nation.

Powerboating in Paradise TV is the sister-show to Boat Show TV. The series features extensive coverage of powerboating poker runs throughout Florida and includes coverage of nationally recognized poker run events. The show is produced in High Definition and Airs in HD on Sunsports, a Foxsports network.

Guests include Florida boat dealers and manufacturers from the top names in the marine industry.

Talent and Guests

Co-hosted by a cast of leading boat experts, with show guest that include Florida boat dealers and manufacturer representatives from the top names in our national marine industry. Co-hosts are typically boat captains and industry experts in the five primary areas of the Show’s content: Cruising, Fishing, Powerboating, Watersports and Yachting.

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