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Designed for boat dealers

Boat Show TV features are designed for boat dealers with one or more boat lines to showcase. Each half hour show contains four segments covering each of the Florida boat shows listed above. Segments cost $350 per finished minute of air time with State and Nationwide coverage. No additional fees! Each feature contains:

  • YOUR dealership location and contact information with live interviews with YOUR staff
  • YOUR leading brands with close up video clips of featured boats at your boat show display
  • YOUR actual inventory — new and used— plus any additional information about your store, events, etc.
  • MANUFACTURER action footage of boats running in the water acquired through your factory reps.

TV commercials are 30 seconds each, and once produced, can be repeated in future episodes of Boat Show TV. Commercials include professional script writing, voice-over talent, fast-paced editing, HD content, and pack a serious PUNCH! There are TWO elements to purchasing commercials:

  • Production costs start at $250 and depend on content and video scheduling.
  • Standard airtime rates are a flat fee of $750 per 30 second commercial.

ALL EPISODES AIR 10-14 TIMES OVER A MONTH PERIOD. When you purchase a segment feature OR a commercial placement, ONE price will include all 10-14 broadcasts of your advertising message!
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Based on our research and our experience producing television for nearly two decades, we understand the importance of building relationships with our advertisers and are offering attractive discounts to get your started.

Coverage Map

Our show has a broad and unique set of viewers, making it a perfect solution to your advertising needs!

  • 67 Counties
  • 6 Million Households
  • 50 States
  • Canada
  • Caribbean
  • Web Streaming
  • Nautical Channel

Boat Show TV Coverage Map

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